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International Monetary Fund (IMF) Youth Fellowship Program 2022

Applications are now open for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Youth Fellowship Program 2022. Here’s how to apply:
Deadline: August 21, 2022
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) Youth Fellowship Program 2022 provides an opportunity for young participants to become part of the global efforts to build forward better and join the IMF at the forefront of the response to the global economic challenges.
Participants will have virtual access to the IMF Annual Meetings and participate in virtual training led by IMF experts and development professionals to boost their knowledge and communications skills and share their views on the current economic environment, focusing on addressing inclusive growth, food insecurity, inflation, and climate change while building a better future for youth.

Benefits of International Monetary Fund (IMF) Youth Fellowship Program 2022
  • Unique and rewarding opportunity for young professionals to meet scholars, activists, leaders and experts while creating lasting connections with other youth fellows from around the world.
  • Participation in workshops and discussions with senior IMF staff on current global economic issues including inclusive growth, food insecurity, and climate change.
  • Virtual access to the Annual Meetings seminars and events.
  • Becoming part of the IMF Youth Network to connect with previous IMF Youth Fellows and stay informed of future opportunities, events and publications.
Eligibility for International Monetary Fund (IMF) Youth Fellowship Program 2022

Applicant should:

  • Be aged between 20-35;
  • Have demonstrated experience in one or more of the following:
    • Social activism and/or engaging with a civil society organization
    • Entrepreneurship and/or participating in a start-up
    • Content creation and/or contributing to independent platforms
  • Have knowledge and expertise in international studies, basic economics and development issues particularly on inclusive economic growth, food security, inflation, and climate change;
  • Be students or graduates in the field of international relations, development, communications, journalism, economics, or related fields;
  • Have basic knowledge of English (for the training program and Annual Meetings coverage).

Phase I: Fellowship program will open to all via application form.

  • August 22 – Committee’s selection process begins
  • Week of September 12 – Shortlisted participants announcement

Phase II: Selected participants will join a capacity building program during the Annual Meetings.

  • October 10 & 11 – Workshops on current global economic issues focusing on inclusive growth, food insecurity and climate change and sessions on communications skills
  • Attending the Annual Meetings seminars and events is encouraged to gain broader understanding and knowledge of current economic issues facing the world
  • October 13 – Group presentations on selected topics
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For more information, visit IMF Youth Fellowship.
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