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How to Apply for Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Program

How to Apply for Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Program


What is Teach for Nigeria Fellowship?

The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship program is a two-year full-time paid commitment that is designed to build a movement of leaders who will work towards eliminating educational inequity in Nigeria.
The fellowship is an opportunity for Nigeria’s most outstanding university graduates, young professionals and entrepreneurs from diverse academic backgrounds to serve as full-time teachers (Fellows) in under-resourced schools in low-income communities.
Throughout the two years, Fellows receive ongoing support through a combination of in-person and online training sessions as they strive to improve academic achievement, attitudes and aspirations that unlock opportunities in the life of that one child, their careers and personal lives. By this experience, Fellows develop a good appreciation of challenges underserved students face through first-hand experiences in the classrooms and communities and begin to identify their role in building a wider movement for educational equity.
Application for the Teach For Nigeria Fellowship Program
The Teach For Nigeria Fellowship is a highly selective program. They attract applications from leaders from different workplaces and graduates from the best universities across the world. Through the 3-staged process, they select the candidates with the highest potential to make a difference.

  • Stage 1 – The Application form: Your application will help them understand your experiences, your motivation to join the Teach For Nigeria fellowship and why you would be a strong fit for the Fellowship.
  • Stage 2 – Online Test: If they find you a good fit for the fellowship through your application, you will be invited to take an online test.
  • Stage 3 – Assessment Center: If successful in your Online Test, they will invite you to the Assessment Centre, which is the final stage of the selection process. Here, you will teach a 5-minute lesson, take part in a group activity, and participate in a one-on-interview with the assessors.

How To Apply for Teach For Nigeria Fellowship

The first step is registration.
Click here to access the registration form on their website. Once on the page, You’d be required to fill in the following information.
First Name
Last Name
State of Origin
Date of Birth
Email Address
Marital Status
Residential Address
Click Submit after entering filling the form.
Congratulations. You just finished the first half of the registration.

The Second Half of the Registration

To proceed to the second half, you’ll need to check your email. So make sure the email you enter in the first half of the registration is a valid one.
Next, go to your inbox, there should be a welcome email from Teach for Nigeria. It contains a link to continue your registration.
Click on the link.
It will take you to another form. Fill it out.
Here is the information required to fill out this next form:
Applicant Email Address:
Type of Institution
Undergraduate University (Nigeria)
Course of Study
Degree Type
Graduation Year:
Graduation Month:
Do you have a Post Graduate Degree?
If Yes, Research Study, Graduation Month, Graduation Year.
Are you a certified teacher?
What subject(s) can you Teach?
Prefered place of placement:
Are you currently employed?
If yes,… Employment details:
Have you had any volunteering experience?
Have you ever been a member of a Leadership Association or Organisation?
What local languages can you speak? (If more than one, please separate with a comma)
Extracurricular activities: Asides from teaching, what other activities do you like?
Then you’ll upload the following documents:
Current Resume
Birth Certificate:
University Degree:
NYSC certificate
SSCE Certificate
Click Next. The next page contains the following question:
Describe your achievement and leadership role.:
Motivation and long term goals
And lastly, fill in your reference information.
Click Submit.
Congratulations. You’re done. But make sure to double-check before clicking submit.