Simple and Easy Steps To Making Hand Sanitizer

Simple and easy Steps to Making Hand Sanitizer

Definition: Hand sanitizer is basically alcoholic-based mixture that is used to disinfect basically our hands against germs or infectious disease.


There are several materials that are used for making hand sanitizer which includes;

  • Methanol or ethanol one (1)liter
  • Glycerine 1/2liter
  • Perfume 
  • Aloe vera gel (not really necessary)
  • Water 20cl

Note: Make sure all the above chemicals are in a very closed container.


  • Get an empty container that will be enough for the whole chemicals
  •  Add one liter of  methanol or ethanol in a container  
  • Add half liter of glycerine, than perfume (If you have aloe vera gel you can add too) Shake vigorously and allow to stand  for about 20 minutes before usage.

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