368K Followers, 0 Posts. How did they do it?

I found a page on Instagram. It has 368k followers and zero posts.
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I found a page on Instagram. It has 368k followers and zero posts.

No, this page doesn’t have a pretty cover photo and it doesn’t have the kind of photos where pretty girls sit on their loins and use their hands to cover their nipples.

This page sits in space, on Instagram, empty, like an abandoned bar which has a rusty neon sign outside and a few old dusty chairs and tables inside. 

No waitress, no bartender, no music, no people.

But somehow, people who wander onto this page like it.

They like the smell of the silence and the emptiness and the smell of the dust.

They’d sit for a while, admire the deserted bartender spot, take a glimpse at the empty shelves that are supposed to house drinking glasses and wines – then they’d like and leave.

@fashion instagram page Dixcover hub
@fashion instagram page Dixcover hub

Like many stray visitors who happened onto this Instagram page, I did.

While I might think there’s nothing fancy, nothing beautiful, nothing glorious about an empty Instagram page with zero posts and no profile picture, there’s a beautiful caption on the wall which immediately catches your attention as you enter.

Altogether, this note which hangs on the page makes 13 words and an emoji, and it’s the only thing you’d find on the page.

It says:

A celebration of Fashion on Instagram, launching Summer 2021. Stay Safe & Healthy 🙏🏼.

Could this simple note be the secret?

Could it be the reason they can amass 368k followers with zero posts?

Being a fashion page, is this 14-words note irresistible to fashion fans?

Do you think so?

I don’t.

I don’t think this 14-words note, though powerful, has much to do with the volume of followers they got before their launch.

No mistakes, it plays an important part, but there’s more to this page’s outrageous feat of followers than the message they leave for their accidental visitors.

To understand why so many people stumbled on this page and why so many followed it, you need to take a few steps backwards, back to the entrance where the name is displayed.

The name reads: Fashion

That’s not just the name of the page, it’s also its username.

Going by its username (@fashion), it means this page is probably the most powerful fashion page on Instagram.

And it’s the reason people stumble on it and follow it even though it has nothing to show.

It’s the name. It’s the name.

The name of the page is Fashion. And it’s everything about it.

So, before you name yourself, or whatever you do some horror names, remember, names matter.

Names Matter.

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