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2022 Fully-Funded Scholarships in Florida

Thousands of fully-funded Scholarships in Florida for the batch of 2022-2023 are recently announced for all degree courses and disciplines. It is now time to submit complete applications to Florida Universities for Scholarship programs.

The good news is for everyone today; the students with low grades, and even for the students without IELTS. Because most of the Florida Scholarships are exempted from IELTS requirements. So the scholarships in Florida without IELTS are also open for students of all disciplines and degree types.

Financial Coverage Plan of Florida Scholarships

The winners of Florida sponsored scholarships are expected to receive any or all of the following mentioned benefits during their academic period:

  • No-tuition fees education
  • Money for living expenses
  • Allocation of the residential facility with utilities covered
  • Funding for experimentation and books
  • Health coverage plan for students

Apart from its beautiful beaches and Disneyworld, Florida is also famous among students for its diverse academic setting. Whether you are interested in pursuing a degree in science, law, arts, or any other degree, Florida colleges and Universities have you covered.

Scholarships in Florida in 2022

What’s even better is the financial assistance available for students with numerous organizations, foundations, and local funding offered to promising students. If you are a student looking for your options, we have you covered as this article will provide insight into the top 15 fully-funded scholarships in Florida:

#1 Scholarships by the American Legion Department of Florida

The American Legion Department of Florida offers scholarship opportunities for High school students and college students. The High school scholarship opportunities are available as General Scholarships, Baseball scholarships, Eagle Scout of the year scholarships, JROTC Cadet of the year scholarship, junior shooting sports scholarships, high school state oratorical contest scholarship
For College students, scholarship opportunities are available for Nursing School and Medical school. The Eligibility Criteria for each scholarship type vary depending on the category and are available on the official website.
The Scholarship Amount: – The amount of the scholarship can vary from $500 to $2500

Deadline:-The deadline varies from January to July of the High school senior year.



#2 The Arts for life Scholarships

The Arts for life scholarship is available for high school senior students that excel in the performing and visual arts. The Applicants will have to submit an art portfolio that shows the following abilities:-

  • Creative writing
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Visual art
  • Music

Eligibility Criteria: – All high school senior students that are a part of a recognized art institute can apply by demonstrating their skills in the categories mentioned above
The Scholarship amount: – US$1000
Deadline: – The Scholarship applications for the 2022 year will open from 1st September 2022.


#3 Barbara Frye Scholarships

The Barbara Frye scholarship is available for both college students and high school seniors that intend on pursuing professional studies in journalism.
Eligibility Criteria: – All the students that attend a high school or expect to attend either a college or university in Florida are eligible to apply for the scholarship
Scholarship amount: – Up to $2000
Deadline: – The deadline for the application is 15th June.
The potential applicants can download the applicant and email it to


#4 Marie Silverman Scholarships

Marie Silverman Scholarship is available for students who intend to enroll in a university in Florida in a graduate-level program with reading as their main field.
Eligibility Criteria: – Student is either registered or plans to enroll in a Florida University as a full-time or part-time graduate-level student.
Scholarship amount: – Various awards of either $500 and $1000
Deadline: – The deadline for applying is 1st June



#5 FSGA College Scholarships

The FSGA college scholarship program is available in spring every year for up to 5 golfers from FJTs graduating class.
Eligibility requirements: – The student has been a US citizen and Florida resident for at least a year with less than $125,000 in household income and is in need of financial assistance. Furthermore, the student must maintain a minimum GPA of either 3.0 or 4.0 and have competed in three FSGA or FTJ tournaments. The rest of the criteria are available on the website
Scholarship Amount: – Can vary up to $10000 over four years
Deadline: – The deadline for the scholarship is 1st June


#6 Rick and Sherry Medical futures scholarships

The Rick and Sherry Medical futures scholarships are available for all the students that wish to pursue a professional degree in their medical career.
Eligibility Criteria: – All the students that are legal residents of the state of Florida and have had a close family member diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) can apply for the scholarship.
Scholarship amount: – $5000
Deadline: – The deadline for the scholarship is 13th July of each year.


#7 Sunshine Opportunity Scholarships for Florida and South Carolina

The scholarship is available for aspiring and bright students that are high-achievers and need financial assistance while overcoming difficult obstacles in life.
Eligibility Criteria: High achieving senior students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above while needing financial assistance can apply for the scholarship. Applicants are also required to have attended private or public high schools in Pasco County, Pinellas, or Hillsborough
Scholarship Amount: – $20,000 over 4 years of undergraduate course
Deadline: – The deadline for the application period s around 1st December to 2nd March


#8 Eckerd College Scholarships

The Eckerd College offers scholarship programs for students based on art, athletics, academics, and leadership. Students automatically qualify for the scholarships once they are registered to the college
Eligibility Criteria: – Admission in the college
Scholarship amount: – The amount for the scholarship can go up to $25,000 each year
Deadline: – There is no deadline as once the student is admitted to the college, they are automatically considered for the scholarship.


#9 Flagler College Scholarships 

Flagler College provides an opportunity to its students in various departments to get financial assistance to continue their studies. The students automatically qualify for the scholarship upon their admittance to the college, although some categories considered for it are athletics, academics, etc.
Eligibility Criteria: – It depends on the type of scholarship you apply for; for instance, the criteria for Annual scholarship varies from presidential merit scholarships, and Flagler hopes scholarships. Visit the official website of the college to see which category you fit into
Scholarship amount: – Student can get a scholarship on up to $4500 each year
Deadline: – The deadline for the scholarship is different, and thus, the student qualifies for it upon enrollment in the college.


#10 The New College of Florida Scholarships

The New College of Florida offers multiple scholarship programs to benefit its students
Eligibility Criteria: – Any applicant can apply for the scholarship based on the ACT/SAT exam score along with the GTA at the time of admittance to the college. Since there are multiple programs available, the student can open the website and check for more details.
Scholarship amount: – The scholarship amount can vary from $1000 to $4000 each year
Deadline: – The deadline for the scholarship is around 1st May 2022.


#11 Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University Scholarships

The Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University offers an opportunity for its brightest students to get a scholarship through different merits.
Eligibility Criteria: – The scholarship is available in all majors. There are different programs that the university offers that award scholarships based on talent, merit, FAFSA, or students that require financial assistance
Scholarship amount: – The University awards scholarship from $500 up to $5000
Deadline: – The deadline for each scholarship varies on the program.


#12 Florida A&M University Scholarships

The Florida agricultural and medical university foundation motivates students that need financial assistance to get a scholarship.
Eligibility Criteria: – The University offers various scholarship programs based on merit, such as Adopted High School Scholarships and the Distinguished Scholars Awards
Scholarship amount: – The amount varies as it usually covers the entire tuition fees along with the board and room charges during the study.
Deadline: – The deadline for the scholarship applicants is usually around 2nd November.


#13 Florida Institute of Technology Scholarships

The Florida Institute of Technology offers scholarships for freshman and senior students to avail financial assistance
Eligibility Criteria: – The institute offers multiple programs, and the awards are based on the academic performance of the applicant in the high school, including the standardized test scores and the weighted GPA.
Scholarship amount: – The student can avail an amount that covers the tuition fees, board, and room charges
Deadline: – The deadline of the university depends on the rolling admissions twice a year.


#14 Florida International University (FUI) Scholarships

The FUI scholarship will allow you to pursue professional studies with little to no debt. The scholarships it offers are merit-based financial assistances
Eligibility Criteria: – The scholarship is merit-based and available for first-year students with excellent academic grades and achievements
Scholarship amount: – The scholarship amount it rewards can cover the entire tuition fees along with books fees and room and board charges
Deadline: – The deadline for the applicant is 1st December 2022.


#15 University of Tampa Scholarships

The University of Tempa offers generous scholarship opportunities for students based on academic achievement, talent, and financial assistance required.
Eligibility Criteria: – All high school students with excellent academic achievements and community services can apply for it.
Scholarship amount: – the scholarship amount varies from $4000 to $16000 each year.
Deadline: – There are different programs; thus, it starts upon rolling admissions.

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