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Fear and Selling, Selling and Fear.


In Marketing 101, we’re often told, only two guns lead to sales.


1- Pleasure

2- Pain


Every other gun branch from this two.


While veteran marketers like Elmer Wheeler would tell you to dip your fingers into your clients’ wounds and let them scream until they bring out their cards, it doesn’t quite go well with hypnotic men like Joe Vitale. They prefer to approach the art of selling in a gentler and kinder way.


It’s been a long debate between marketers: Sell with pain, don’t sell with pain.


Selling with pain goes by the idea of first making your prospect pee in their panties, then giving them a small piece of cloth to wipe up. That piece of cloth would be your product.


But does it really pay to sell with pain?


Argument In Favor of Selling with Pain


  1. Snipper

Selling with pain is like hiding under a hip of dirt far off in the mountain with your finger over the trigger of a snipper. It’s invisible. You can get even the smartest dude at a headshot. Selling with pain lets you run like a loose bat to the store begging to cut the queue.


  1. Zero Regrets

People would often spend their life saving on some beautiful piece of shit. When the adrenalin levels down, they’d go home and cry over their stupid decision. It only happens when they’re sold based on pleasure.


When you sell with pain, there’s no adrenalin. It’s nightmare. It stares at them right in the eye and it never goes until the damn thing is solved.


  1. Race from Hell

As the saying goes, the race away from hell is swifter than the race to paradise. I don’t know who said the above, but I know there’s no way in hell you’d sit under the sun in some beach in the Bahamas when your son dies in a hospital. Pleasure is optional, pain is not. It can’t be managed.


Argument Against Pain


  1. Smarter Market

True, selling with pain is like snipping. But it’s no longer hidden. The market now knows where the trolls hide. The smell of pain in texts now stinks. It’s boring and limbless.


You now need more than a snipper. Maybe go back to a shotgun, or ax, or matchet – something the market isn’t familiar with. That way you may stand a chance to be invisible like a snipper, yet again.


  1. Too Much Blood.

As marketers, we might be mindless about how people receive our messages. But to the right people, it sinks down their brain, heart, and life.

The world has too much blood on its plate already. You don’t have to spill more to sell some damn insurance policies or weight loss pills.


Picture it this way. Every time you sell with pain, there’s a badge to your chest. A red badge.


Try to Be Kinder

While no cop would pull a trigger over your skull for selling with pain, as marketers, copywriters, creatives, we have an undying self-responsibility to leave the world feeling better than we found it.


The last thing a cancer patient wants to hear is some devilish marketer ripping his heart with news of how death would soon come knocking.


Try to be kind, gentle in your work. Try to sell death with paradise.


If after you try but can’t seem to get a paradise to put your product in, try some more. After that, if you still can’t find, grab some knife and rip the market apart. After all, your product would do some good to the buyer.


However, there’s only one rule to ripping the market apart.


Never ye Lie.



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