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EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program 2022. Learn Data Science Now, Pay When You’re Hired and Making At least $24K

Apply for EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program 2022. Learn Data Science Now, Pay When You’re Hired and Making At least $24K.

The EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program (ISA)

EXPLORE’s Data Science Accelerator Income Share Agreement (ISA) enables you to study Data Science without making any payments until you are hired.
Simply put:
You study online full-time with EXPLORE for 12 months: 6 months of intensive learning + 6 months of project-based internship work being mentored by our award-winning scientists.
EXPLORE then supports you in securing a high-paying data job.
When you’re making more than $24 000 per year, you start paying EXPLORE up to 15% of your gross income each month until you reach the $10 000 cap.
So, your full tuition can be paid off in less than 3 years!
And if you don’t get hired? You never pay.
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Learning Data Science

When you’re accepted onto the EXPLORE Accelerator Programme, you’ll be enrolled in the opportunity of a lifetime!
First, you study Data Science for 6 months. Our teaching approach empowers you to solve difficult data problems in creative and practical ways.
Then, you spend 6 months in a project-based internship where you’re guided by our world-class Data Scientists who’ve won awards across the globe. You’ll be solving real-world problems using cutting edge AI solutions!
There simply is no better way to prepare for employment!

Course Curriculum for EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program



  • SQLCreate and query a SQL database to extract valuable information
  • Python ProgrammingQuery and analyse datasets in Python by using Numpy, Pandas and Pyodbc
  • VisualisationBuilding dynamic and interactive dashboards using Power BI

  • RegressionBuilding linear regression models in Python and testing the results of predictions
  • ClassificationBuilding a logistic regression model in Python and optimising models to enhance performance
  • Unsupervised LearningLearn to apply unsupervised techniques, such as k-means clustering and dimensionality reduction, to your data. Gather insight and derive patterns from unstructured data.

  • Real-world projectsSpend 6 months applying your new skills to real-world projects with inspiring Data Scientists as you implement the latest in AI technology.

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EXPLORE is a team of passionate scientists committed to delivering the highest quality Data Science education money can buy. We have worked in various industries solving seemingly impossible problems for clients all over the globe. We are experts in data subjects, technology design, experiential education and aligning teams to achieve great things – that’s a potent combination.
We believe that humans with the right aptitude and attitude can change the world, and that’s what we’re set on doing, and empowering our learners to do throughout their time studying with us.
Our philosophy is to teach our students how to solve problems in the real world. We emphasise teamwork, collaboration and working within constraints, under deadlines … while understanding context, audience and implementation challenges.


FAQ (EXPLORE Data Science Accelerator Program 2022)


How do I apply for a course?

Make your way to the appropriate course page via and click on any of the Enrol Now buttons on the page.  From there you will be guided through our quick and easy application process.            

How do I know which course is best for me?

On the Our Courses page of the website there is a handy tool to assist you in finding the best content, location and duration of study to meet your needs.
Alternatively, you can download a brochure about each course via the course page – the brochures are full of useful info to share with colleagues, family and friends, as well as to help you make the best decision!
How much do your courses cost?
EXPLORE offers a selection of financing options, from discounted upfront payments, pay-as-you-lean and the EXPLORE Loan.  All applicable course costs can be found below the course information on each course page.  Keep scrolling, the costs are there.

What type of qualification will I receive?

You will receive a certificate of completion from EXPLORE which states the modules and skills mastered during the programme attended.
SETA registered learners who comply with the requirements will also receive a SETA certificate (long courses only).

Are your courses accredited?

All our long courses (qualifications) are SETA accredited for either the appropriate unit standards, or a Level 5 Qualification.  Our flagship Qualifications are all accredited at SETA Level 5.

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