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The above picture is a white cardboard paper with Hemingway’s quotes typewritten on it. It’s selling on Etsy for $7. The folks there love it. It’s Hemingway, why not.

But I’m here sitting, wondering if I can order such. Maybe I would, maybe I would not. But does it matter?

Well, I’ve always known and considered Etsy (until recently, I didn’t know it’s pronounced Ety) as a market or studio for people who are extremely skilled at working with wires, cardboards, leathers, paints, and brushes. I’ve never thought of it as a platform where word junkies like me can make some dough.

It turned out I’d been wrong.

I learned very late that Etsy, originally designed to sell handmade crafts (handmade facemask, handmade rings, handmade guns, handmade journals – whatever in the world that can be handmade) has partly morphed into a platform for creatives and designers and writers who never want to leave their computers.

Fact, it is a place not much less than Fiverr and Upwork for landing digital gigs.

However, the work atmosphere surrounding Etsy is a vintage-like atmosphere that’s insanely creative and reeks of quality craft.

On their about us page, Etsy talks about how wonderful and weird they are. And so, welcome people with weird and wonderful ideas.

Etsy is a place for everyone. Many folks are addicted to buying on it. It’s because the platform is like a beautiful woman smoking a cigar. Nothing’s sexier.

30+ Digital Products to Sell on Etsy


Scroll through this list. One or two ideas might make sense to you. I’m not in any way an Etsy expert. But recently, I’m found myself trying my hands on the platform. What you’d find down here are hot-selling digital products. Maybe in the future, I’ll create an extensive tutorial on my journey into the platform. But before then, enjoy the list.

  1. Copywriting
  2. Logo design
  3. Product label designs
  4. Book cover design
  5. Icons and vector graphics design
  6. Blog post writing
  7. Wallpaper designs
  8. Digital planners
  9. Fonts
  10. Greeting card designs
  11. Checklist to perform specific tasks (like organizing a birthday party, cooking Nigerian Jollof, etc.)
  12. Social media banner designs
  13. E-books
  14. Product description writing
  15. Selling stock photos
  16. Selling stock videos
  17. Clip arts design and printing
  18. Business cards design
  19. Business plan templates
  20. Silhouettes designs
  21. Fliers/banner designs
  22. Invitation cards
  23. Social media post templates
  24. Printable games
  25. Flashcards
  26. Excel templates
  27. Web development services
  28. Website themes and templates
  29. Digital backgrounds
  30. Video tutorials on different subjects
  31. Resume templates
  32. Mockup designs
  33. Workbooks

Did you get the gist?

The platform already has millions of monthly visitors and buyers every month.
Head down there and open a store. You might just be a few steps away from creating a real, almost passive income for yourself.

Don’t be shy.


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