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CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 2022 (US$5,000 prize)

Deadline: September 15, 2022
Applications are invited for the CoreNet Global Academic Challenge 2022.
The goal of this global competition is to raise awareness of corporate real estate as a viable career opportunity amongst college students of all academic disciplines, to connect local chapters and members of the association with future talent and encourage more universities to include corporate real estate in their curricula.
Competition Details
Student teams from universities and academic institutions around the world are invited to compete in an academic challenge wherein students are asked to play the role of an internal corporate real estate team in order to address a real-world issue facing companies around the globe: develop strategies for the corporate real estate portfolio that prepare the company for a fluid workforce where virtual and augmented reality are practically applied to deal with the expected blend of remote and office workers.
A hybrid work policy is believed to be the new normal by 87% of large companies surveyed in CBRE’s Research Occupier Sentiment Survey (Spring, 2021). The pandemic has turbocharged technology adoption and usage to support this new way of working. Companies around the globe have had to invest in the right technology, a lot of which has already existed on the market. Very soon mixed / extended (XR), AR and VR will be applied more extensively and successfully. Most recently we’ve seen the digital industry going into full gear with Facebook rebranding to ‘Meta’ to reflect its expansion into the metaverse (i.e., the world’s biggest virtual environment accessed in real-time using avatars).
How can corporate real estate professionals take a leadership role in helping their companies develop an agile strategy that permits the board and management to make best use of these emerging technologies and explore ways to enhance client and employee experiences, regardless of location?
Three teams, with a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) students each, will be selected to compete in the final round. Interested students will be required to submit a registration form, respond to several questions, and create a compelling presentation as discussed in the Competition Brief.

  • The winning team will be awarded US$5,000.


  • Open to all students (undergraduate/graduate, full-time/part-time) who are currently registered at a recognized university.
  • Teams should have a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of four (4) students each.

Judging Criteria

  • In the first round of the North American competition, your team’s responses to several questions will be judged based on the quality of thought invested, the appropriateness of each response, and originality and creativity. Each team is competing against every other team; there is no one “right” response. Rather, the judges will be comparing each response against all the others to identify the finalists.

Interested students will be required to submit a registration form, respond to several questions, and create a compelling presentation as discussed in the Competition Brief.
To aid in the team selection process, each team must respond to the questions below and provide all requested contact information. Limit your responses to no more than 350 words each.

  • Based on the challenge described above, how will your team prepare to compete? What are your plans to research the issues raised in this competition?
  • Submit 5-10 questions that you would like answered by the corporate real estate professionals with whom you will interact to help you develop your strategy.
  • What unique strengths does your team possess that will enable you to deliver a sound strategy to the CEO? What makes you a winning team and why should you be selected to compete?
  • In your team’s opinion, what is the single greatest challenge facing multinational corporations today? What is the single greatest opportunity facing multinational corporations today?

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For more information, visit CoreNet Global Academic Challenge.