Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women in Business Programme for Female Entrepreneurs 2021

Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women in Business Programme for Female Entrepreneurs 2021


Application is now open for Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women In Business Program 2021. The flagship Mentoring Women in Business programme was born from the belief in the power of mentoring, a realisation of the role technology can play in building connections, and a view that community is a powerful force for change. By forging these elements together, we created a new way to support women entrepreneurs around the world to grow and strengthen their businesses and build their skills, confidence and knowledge.


The mentoring cycle consists of four phases, each with distinct areas of focus:

  • Phase 1Getting to know each other. Pairs use this time to build a trusting and efficient relationship by telling each other about themselves, their business and their experience.
  • Phase 2: Setting goals. The pair will focus on what the mentee wants to achieve over the course of the mentoring year and develop goals that they will work on together.
  • Phase 3: Progression. During these months, the mentee will work on the set goals, working closely together with their mentor to make sure that they stay on track and amend goals if necessary.
  • Phase 4: Wrapping up. During the final month together, pairs look back on what they have achieved and make plans for how the mentee will continue working on her business after the relationship ends.


To be eligible for the program Mentees must meet the eligibility requirements:

  • A woman from and living in a low or middle income country
  • Running your own business (meaning at least 51% ownership or decision-making authority) or about to launch your own business in the next three months
  • Proficient in English (at an intermediate level or above), both written and oral
  • Nominated by one of our local referral partners
  • Able to commit to the programme for twelve months
  • Able to access the internet and meet with their mentor online for a minimum of two hours a month
  • Able to complete several feedback questionnaires by the stated deadline
  • Willing to work with a mentor to build your business and personal development skills and confidence.

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Mentees are expected to:

  • Meet online with your mentor for two hours minimum per month, for a year
  • Be proactive in driving the mentoring relationship and setting its direction
  • Undergo two to three hours of pre-matching training
  • Complete interim and end-of-programme surveys
  • Develop and submit goals to be worked on with your mentor
  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct

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Selected Mentees will enjoy the following benefits from the program:

  • A motivated, keen professional mentor, of any gender, with at least 7 years’ experience in business
  • Bespoke, one-to-one, structured support and guidance from a professional, to help develop your skills and expertise and work towards your business and personal development goals
  • A match that aligns with your professional skills and experience
  • Training to ensure a productive and collaborative experience
  • Proactive and engaged ongoing support from the Foundation team
  • Access to a suite of online resources to help you develop your professional skills
  • Access to a closed LinkedIn networking group
  • An incredible, lasting, life-changing experience


There are two ways to join the programme as a mentee:

  • As an affiliate of one of our mentee referral partners in your local country (strongly recommended) – find a partner here
  • As an independent mentee, if there are no organisations with whom you can be affiliated.



For More Information:Visit the Official Webpage of the 2021 Cherie Blair Foundation Mentoring Women in Business Programme.

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