Call for Application: Impaction Social innovation competition 2021 ($1,000)

Deadline: 20th December, 2020

The Impaction and Because International are back to co-hosting the 2021 Social Innovation Competition! In we are looking for innovative people (also students) to submit an idea for a product that helps solve a social challenge in the world.

Even if the ideas are in the brainstorming phase, we encourage people to apply. We’re even accepting applications where the designs are drawn on the back of a napkin and turned in– the stage you’re in matters less than the idea. The point is we want this to be a low-effort and low-cost experience for those innovators just willing to test out some of their ideas in this space! 


  • Chance to win seed money ($1,000)
  • a spot in Because International’s Pursuit Incubator! Anyone of any age from anywhere is encouraged to apply to this competition.


  • Open to entrepreneur across the world
  • There is no age limit


for more information visit the official webpage of impaction social innovation competition

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