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Remote Freelance Back End Developer Needed at Raoulk

About the job

We are searching for a Laravel developer to build API endpoints for our products. In this role, you will design and create endpoints using Laravel framework and PHP, and assist the team in delivering high-quality web services, and tools for our business. A top-notch Laravel developer will be able to leverage their expertise and experience of the framework to independently produce complete solutions in a short turnaround time.
Laravel Developer Requirements:
A degree in programming, computer science, or a related field.
Experience working with PHP, performing unit testing, and managing APIs such as REST.
A solid understanding of application design using Laravel.
Knowledge of database design and querying using SQL.
Practical experience using the MVC architecture.
A portfolio of applications and programs to your name.
Problem-solving skills and critical mindset.
Great communication skills.
The desire and ability to learn.


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