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Apply for the Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9

Applications are now invited for the Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9.  Here’s how to apply:

Apply for the Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9

Are you a game-changing entrepreneur?
Do you have what it takes to be on THE NEXT TITAN NIGERIA Season 9, The Game-Changer?
No matter what your business objective or primary emphasis is, if you are a game-changer, Season 9 is for you and offers a huge grand prize.
The Process is very simple:

1. Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Auditions

1st stage:

Contestants are required to follow us on Instagram @thenext_titan then fill out Registration Form on the website stating their business ideas, with upload of their full picture.

2nd stage:

Successful contestants from the first stage will be invited for Auditions depending on the choice of location selected by the contestants.

2. Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 BootCamp

Top 50 Contestants from Auditions will participate in the Top 50 Bootcamp at a beautiful resort in Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Top 16/18 Finalists

Top 16 or Top 18 from the Bootcamp will make it to the Titan House. They will live together for 10 weeks, battle one another over 10 tough business tasks, gradually eliminated until the final four that will make it to the finale.

4. Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Grand Finale

The Winner walks off with the Grand Prize of N20,000,000 while 3 runners up win N2,500,000, N1,500,000, and N1,000,000 respectively.

A brief background about the Next Titan Business Reality TV show

The Next Titan Nigeria Season 9, an Entrepreneurial Reality Show designed to provoke the entrepreneurial spirit of young Nigerians.
The Next Titan is Nigeria’s foremost Business Reality TV Show. It is a 10 week competition where contestants slog it out through various tasks.

Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 More than the Entertainment

Aside from the entertainment aspect of the show, its importance lies in igniting entrepreneurial spirit and showcasing the possibility of entrepreneurship in transforming lives with just an idea that can be scaled to greatness with a market and with Nigeria’s population.

 Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Selection Procedure

The Show, by scouting for young talented people who have entrepreneurial acumen, grooming them through rigorous tasks, boardroom process, mentorship, and eventually funding a winner’s idea leading to an opportunity to create jobs for themselves and others is indeed a big contributor to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

 Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Impact

Apart from the success stories of the previous winners of the show which have been phenomenal, the Next Titan, being on national television has also positively impacted on the generality of other young people who are the viewers who have shared their testimonies regarding the programme causing a paradigm shift in their mind-sets to moving from Jobs -Seekers to Jobs-Creators.

 Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Expectations

Thousands of entries will be received from young aspiring entrepreneurs across Nigeria. This will give them another opportunity to showcase their business ideas and battle one another for a grand Prize of N20 million to start their dream business.

 Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Audition

The Season 9 process will start by allowing the contestants to pitch their business ideas through auditions from 6 major cities in Nigeria which are Abuja, Kano, PH, Enugu, Ibadan, and Lagos.
Those who would not be able to attend these physical auditions would also be given opportunity to audition online.

 Next Titan Nigeria 2022 Season 9 Bootcamp

After this, and for the main show aspect, the Top 50 would be selected for Top 50 Boot Camp, before the 16 final contestants with brightest ideas are shortlisted to live together, and to compete by carrying out weekly business tasks and challenges around the city of Lagos for 10 weeks on television, and with weekly evictions in the boardroom by the judges.


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