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Alx Africa Online Data Analysis Scholarship for Africans | ALX Data Analyst Programme

The ALX Data Analyst Programme, in partnership with Udacity, is part of the fully-funded scholarship programmes dedicated to training African youth, with the mission to drive career opportunities across Africa. Take the opportunity to develop career skills at no cost and work to be placed into lucrative local and global jobs through The ROOM talent community.
Data tells stories. Data shapes decisions. Data is the brain behind business. Big data has created an overwhelming need for employers to have teams who can sift through data, make sense of it, and utilise it in a way that supports customer experience, sales enablement, strategic decision-making. As a Data Analyst, you will have the power to increase efficiency and improve a company’s performance by learning to read data patterns. Work with complex datasets by advancing your programming skills, and use these skills for data manipulation, analysis and exploration.
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ALX Programme Highlights

100% online courses
Delivered in our Live Online format which enables real time interaction with programme mentors and a community of global peers.
Comprising of a 3-month training with access to real-world projects.
Set yourself apart
You will earn a certified certificate upon completion.

What You Will Learn:

Advance your programming skills and refine your ability to work with messy, complex datasets:

  • An introduction to data analysis
  • Using practical analysis and real world scenarios
  • Data wrangling and categorisation
  • Data investigation and visualisation using Python and Pandas

What Do I Need For This Programme?

Advance your career by powering your data analysis skills and set yourself up for the growing demand across the digital business landscapea
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Programme Requirements:

  • Working experience of data within Python and SQL
  • Working experience in Python Standard Libraries
  • Working experience in Panda and Numpy
  • Access to a laptop or desktop with
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Between 18 – 34 years of age
  • Originally from the African Continent

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